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Point description

Earn points: After confirming the receipt, the system will issue you a certain amount based on the amount of your transaction.

Use points: You can choose the point deduction payment amount when you pay, and you can only deduct a certain amount each time.

Common problem

Q: how do you query the order status?

Answer: please use the order account to log on the Hantek online mall website and view it in the personal center.

Q: did not receive the verification code?

Answer: the verification code is usually sent to your mobile phone in 10 to 30 seconds. If no verification code has been received, please follow these steps:

1, your mobile phone system may be wrong to identify our SMS as spam messages, please check your mobile system spam messages shielding history, or close the shielding function, on our official web page to re send the verification code;

2, you may have used SMS, phone, website and other ways to screen or complain to your mobile service operators or related regulatory authorities. You can try to contact your mobile service operator to close the shield function and send the verification code on our official website page.