8 channels oscilloscope for vehicle testing. Over 80 types of automotive diagnostic function (​Ignition/Sensor/Bus detection/Performe/Starter and charging circuits etc.)

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One-click test

Choose from more than 80 diagnostic functions

In order to more easily and quickly diagnose the problem of the car, just connect the device to the car, connect the USB to the computer, and open the software to select the function to be tested.

Equipment overview

Device Description

Software function description

  • Drive-free installation The product only needs to install the upper software, no need to install the driver twice. The software supports Win XP/7/8/10.
  • Function Selection There are three functions of vehicle diagnosis, oscilloscope and signal generator, including 78 types of vehicle diagnosis function.
  • 8CH Vehicle Diagnosis 8CH signal can be measured simultaneously. The measurement voltage of each channel can be adjusted independently. You can choose to open or close each channel.
  • Signal Generator Signal generator function, can simulate crankshaft and camshaft signal.
  • One Button Screenshot Save the current waveform and generate pictures. Storage location is optional and easy to find
  • Quick Guide Callout the quick guide column with one button. There are special vedio guide for each vehicle diagnosis function, including wiring method, adjustment method, reference waveform etc. And it is supported to be checked through scanning the QR code.
  • Reference Waveform Over 80 types of standard reference waveform inside and can be callout or close with one button. It is convenient to be compared.
  • Measurement Method 20 types of automatic measurement method which can be callout or close with one button. It is convenient and visual to read out the result.
  • Print The result can be printed with one button and generate diagnosis report which is easy to be saved and recorded.
  • REF Comparison Waveform The user can save the waveform as REF format and callout it again when you need to compare the two waveforms catched in different time.
  • Data Storage The diagnosis result can be saved as the format of txt, csv, rfc, xls, doc, jpg and etc. It is convenient to be checked and compared later.
  • Waveform Record Support to record and replay the waveform. The waveform can be save into the computer hard disk and easy to read. There is no limit to the record time which can long-time measure and record the waveform for troubleshooting.
  • Multilanguage Support Support the display surface in Chinese, English, German language, and it can be switched freely.
  • Cursor Measurement Support 4 types of cursor measurement mode -cross,track, horizontal, and vertical.It's easy to read out the time and voltage of irregular signal.
  • Color and Lightness The background color is optional as user's preference. And the lightness of waveform and gridding is settable.
  • USB Communication USB2.0 power supply + communication interface, plug and play, and support hot plugging.